Do you Control your THOUGHTS or do they Control you? Do you feel you are in a loop?

Did you know that your thoughts affect your body? Your thoughts send electrical signals to your brain and they affect every cell in your body.

Dr. Bruce Lipton researched this affect and he found out that “a person’s perception, not genetic programming, is what spurs all action in the body.  It’s actually our beliefs that select our genes that select our behavior. Your perception of any given thing, at any given moment, can influence the brain chemistry, which, in turn, affects the environment where your cells reside and controls their fate. In other words, your thoughts and perceptions have a direct and overwhelmingly significant effect on cells.”

To simplify it, what Dr. Lipton found out in his research is that: our perceptions (thoughts, beliefs, awareness) affect our brain chemistry which affect our cells.

Dr. Lipton says “Inappropriate signals (thoughts) create inappropriate behavior (dis-ease).”

So when you think that NO ONE understands you, and that EVERYBODY thinks you are a loser, or that you will NEVER make it….

Are you surprised that you attract all the proofs to these negative thoughts? Are you surprised to discover that you are actually a self-fulfilled prophet?

Just like when you think that a relationship NEVER works then you keep attracting abusive relationships.

That’s because you believe these negative thoughts.

But what if you challenge these thoughts and you confront them?

What if you find out that they are actually a lie?

One of the contestants on American Idol said that people kept telling her that she wasn’t enough and she started to believe them. That caused her to stop singing for a long time.

You don’t need to “buy” any negative thoughts. Those are too costly, too expensive. They practically hurt your body if you believe them. Don’t believe them, argue with them.

Instead “buy” only the thoughts that are uplifting for you.

Remember, you are the one who chose the lens through which you SEE yourself, others, and the world.

What you think in your mind determines your effectiveness and behavior.

And as Dr. Daniel Amen says: “You need to crush your negative thoughts or they will ruin your relationships, your self-esteem, and your personal power.”

One way to crush your thought is by your self-talk.

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