Mrs. Corey invited me to be interviewed on her radio show and podcast. 

I said, “Sure, I would love that”.

I asked, “What is this interview about?”

She replied, “You’ll see; we’ll just talk”.

I said, “Sure”. I always loved spontaneity.

Today was the interview, and I had so much fun! As we entered the radio station, one of the staff was sitting in the recording room behind a big glass room. It was really cool, just like you see in the movies.

Mrs.Corey started with talking about different blockages that hold people back. She shared her own blockage too. Then she asked me for my thoughts and advises about it. The conversation was so fascinating that she interviewed me for the next broadcast and the one after that.

When it comes out on the air, I will be able to share it with you.

Meanwhile, here are some helpful tips for you on how to get un-stuck:

1) When you feel trapped and hard on yourself, step out or dissociate yourself, and ask yourself if it were someone else instead of you in that situation, what you would tell him or her to do. Often we are much nicer and more encouraging with others than ourselves.

2) If someone else put you down and you keep getting upset about the thought of it, ask yourself, “How can I turn this incident into my improvement, be a better person and be more compassionate to others?” Remember people often displace their anger, project their bitterness on others and it has nothing to do with you.

3) Challenge your negative thoughts. Ask yourself these questions, as Byron Kathy suggested: Is this thought really true? Who am I with the thoughts? Who am I without them? Is it worth keeping these thoughts? 

4) In order to have the strength and energy to help others, you need to maintain your health and being as much as possible

5) When you live in the feeling of scarcity, you attract more of it into your life. Instead, list daily the things you are grateful for and you will invite more of it into your life

6) When you feel stuck and trapped in a limiting belief that self-sabotages your success due to your past experience with let’s say some rich people who weren’t nice to you, say to yourself something like, “They were rich and not nice. HOWEVER I’m rich and kind and give a lot”. 

7) When you feel helpless or worry about a job interview, or presentation, remind yourself of your previous achievements, recall a time when you felt you had it all, confident, motivated, loved and whatever feeling that will put you in a victory state. 

8) Focus on the value you give to them rather than on how you are being judged. Remind yourself, we are all equal, nobody is above you, nobody is below you

9) If you feel down, change your physiology, sit up strongly. Play a song that you love and that uplifts your energy. 

10) Remember G-d created you in His Image. So be thankful to G-d and kind to His creations (yourself and others).