How the Book Relates to My Personal Life?

We came into this world to serve others. The world couldn’t exist without you. That’s why you were born. We are all in the same boat.
Feeling guilty takes us nowhere. It is one thing to be aware of yourself and learn from your mistakes, to be sorry, to work on your behaviors, and to set a new intention for yourself, but feeling guilty will keep you in victim mode.
People are often trapped with this idea that they must always impress others. They feel guilty for following their dreams because they are concerned with what others would think of them. They are worried about the judgment they may receive from others.
As a parent, spouse, daughter/son, sibling, friend, entrepreneur, you have many roles and you have your own priorities and value hierarchy.
Your family or surroundings might have different value hierarchy than you do and that is OK. We are meant to be different and unique, every single one of us. We each have a different mission/purpose and journey on this earth.
When we don’t follow our higher and true self, we might become miserable and that projects into our daily environments and we may end up hurting those we care about most.
When we follow our moral passion, we tend to live a more meaningful and joyful life, and we shine out positivity all around us.
In my personal life, I’m a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, author, entrepreneur, neighbor, mentor, and more… and with all these different roles, I must make choices that expand my heart and soul by helping and inspiring others to expand their heart and soul. The book helps me organize my thoughts and priorities, it helps me be more aware, and allows me to reflect on my true self and passion. By being more aware of my true self, I am able to make better and smarter decisions that benefits the whole boat.