How to Enhance Growth and Development?

When my brother Itiel of Blessed Memory passed away, I could have been really angry,
but what good would that bring to my life? In any moment we have a choice of how to respond.

How you RESPOND is like being RESPONsible.
You are responsible for handling and figuring out ways to deal with what you are facing.

Since we all live temporarily on this earth, why not to do our best to live a meaningful life and fulfill our mission?!
People might judge you for choosing to live purposefully, despite what you have been through. They might expect you to stay sad, angry, and numb forever because how could you ever overcome such trauma?
Being numb doesn’t help you and definitely doesn’t help the world.

When you follow your vision with the correspondent actions, screening out the external and internal voices that try to keep you down, and instead listen to your true self, realizing that a bigger unique mission awaits for you to accomplish, that is when you feel fulfillment and meaningful.
So, to enhance growth and development:

  • Have clarity on what is your unique light that you want to shine out.
  • Follow your heart and mission to give added values to others.
  • Lay out your priorities and allocate time accordingly.
  • Have faith.
  • Have a mentor to help you overcoming what holds you back.
  • Choose a positive attitude to live life to its fullest.

Good luck, THE DEEP SEE will help you with this process.