I remember being in Manhattan, meeting with jewelry buyers that purchase for huge chains like TJMaxx, Shop NBC, QVC and many more. At that time, it felt like I had it all. I was in charge of marketing for Bareket Design Jewelry, had the opportunity to explore the big world, had a career, a great family, a spouse, kids, friends, country club….

Yet after a while, I felt burnt out. I felt numb deep inside. I wanted to stay in bed. I felt numbness as if my soul was searching for something new, something else. I felt emptiness inside. I felt like I didn’t have any energy. I felt stuck.

I felt this way until I went through a breakthrough process and I came back into alignment with my true self. The epiphany was so exciting, I felt as if I claimed my life back. My energy levels were back up and I was determined that I wanted to help as many people as possible heal their spirit and soul too. I began to give training sessions to people who also wanted to help others, doing the same things that I do. Seeing the changes in people’s life expand my heart.

People who were blocked emotionally were finally relieved and were able to fulfill their life long dreams of doing things like getting pregnant, getting married, becoming truly happy, succeeding in their career and gaining back their energy. Their soul was happy again.

Since then, I’ve been on a mission to help as many people as possible, fulfill their full potential that G-d granted them with when they were born.