NeuroSUCCESSology™ Increases Team Performance

Management and sales teams or other performance driven organizations face challenges from personality conflicts and communication issues to misalignment of individual and team goals to disbelief in the ability to reach those goals.

NeuroSUCCESSology™ uses a combination of techniques including humor, stress relief, NLP, hypnosis, Time Line Therapy®, Kabbalah wisdom, neuro-science and others to make group breakthroughs including:

  • Achieving sales goals
  • Team building
  • Role playing
  • Unlocking creativity
  • Rapport building
  • Eliminating limiting beliefs
  • Reframing situations
  • Eliminating cultural barriers
  • Establishing value ladders
  • Temper/anger management
  • Increasing employee loyalty
  • Negotiation and presentation skills
  • Identifying root causes of problems
  • Reducing conflict between workers
  • Aligning teams with corporate objectives
  • Understanding and wanting to achieve common goals