I gave a presentation earlier in the week about personal empowerment.

As I was showing the group a tool I use called the Achievement Pyramid, it brought to mind how deeply embedded our limiting beliefs can be and how damaging they can be to our progress and achieving the lives we know we deserve.

Limiting beliefs are something I cover in my new book, “The Deep See”. Here is an excerpt from the book:

“Sometimes our past experiences that we allow to limit us in the present or future keep us from being the best we can be. These experiences might be attached to negative emotions we felt or to something we interpreted incorrectly. As an example, maybe we were singing when our parents wanted to focus on something else and therefore told us to “hush up.” But instead of recognizing our parents had other concerns at the time, we concluded that we sang terribly, did something stupid or weren’t important to them. Then we carry this misconception or limiting belief about our abilities and don’t dare to sing in front of people again.

It is therefore vital that you let go of any negative feelings associated with what occurred in the past. Instead, focus on learning about who and what you are now and what you hope to be in the future. By letting go of these negative emotions from your past, you open yourself up to learning from them instead.

Letting go is vital, because your subconscious (or unconscious) mind and nervous system runs automatically, just as your respiration is involuntary. When you don’t let go, these negative feelings remain in your subconscious mind, and since more than 90% of the time you operate from your subconscious mind, you don’t want any negative emotions there, influencing the way you feel and act.

Thus, get rid of any traumas, limiting beliefs, or bad decisions that you made in the past. You are often not conscious of them, because they are stored in your subconscious mind and you can’t recall them consciously.

They could come from way back in your past, say from the time you were three years old and even much earlier. You consciously “forgot” about these bad experiences, but unconsciously they are limiting you as you go forward.

Luckily, you can retrieve these repressed negative experiences, let go of them, and get new learning by using various powerful techniques, such as taught in NLP and Time Line Therapy®.

To illustrate how deeply something that you carry from your past can affect your life today, I will share a story of how I helped one of my clients. The client expressed a frustration about her life. She complained that no matter how hard she worked and how talented she was, she never made money or had enough money.

When we did the TLT® process on her, she recalled an incident when she was a little girl and her parents had a huge fight about what to do with the money they had made. That fight was traumatic for her, so as a child, she decided that money was rotten because it created fights. No wonder she couldn’t make money because she had such a limiting belief in her unconscious mind. Only when she got a different interpretation of what had happened and a new learning about how she wrongly generalized that all money is associated with fights could she let go. For now, she could see the positive qualities of money, and as a result, she could finally have a good relationship with it. After this process, she met an investor, and for the first time she didn’t scare him away. He invested in her start-up company.”