As a child, I never imagined that I would be a published author.

I always admired books though, especially self-help books. And, when I would verbally speak with people, I would always encourage and help them see the light they had within themselves.

The universe presents you with opportunities, inspiration, and hints for directions. I was incredibly inspired and had to share it with others. I couldn’t keep it selfishly to myself.

When I gave a workshop about my book at Barns & Noble, it felt good being announced as author Naomi Bareket. It felt as if my hidden dreams were coming true as Barns & Noble had always been my favorite place. More than anything, I’m most excited to inspire others with tools that are easy to apply to their lives.

My book allows readers to take their time, reflecting within oneself, without other people’s voices distracting them.

Millions of people are not aware that there’s hope. Some don’t even have access to the internet. A physical book is something that a lot of people will have more access to (It is cheaper than a course or mentoring) and can contribute greatly and influence one’s consciousness. The book is very simple to understand and allows you to go through an internal workshop.

I’m obsessed with helping people fulfill their full potential and with encouraging them to have faith that G-d granted them with unique gifts.

The soul affects our manifestation.

It is hard to manifest when your soul is sad.

So, I’m proud and humble at the same time to give people hope, help them find their inner spark and encourage them to light the world. When I help one person, I help the whole world because this person shines on others too. When your soul is happy the world is happier too.

I also dedicated the book to my beloved brother Itiel of blessed memories who was all about giving love and making others happy.